• fuckyeahdrugpolicy:

    September 21, 1970 Bill Murray celebrated his 20th birthday by getting arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport for carrying five bricks of marijuana (valued at $20,000) in his luggage.

  • When you envision it, you get excited.

    When you plan for it, it’s possible.

    But when you do it, when you schedule it and do it, it’s real.

  • Mission accomplished: Create a GIF-Loop!

  • Hunter Thompson writing at Big Sur. c. 1961

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  • well well apple!

  • #neo doesn’t need a pharmacist to know which is the right Pill. #matrix #red or #blue #pill (hier: U Bhf Oranienburger Tor)

  • weirdvintage:

    Paul McCartney with an anti-Beatles button, 1966 (via Retronaut)

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